Hosting a Screening

Elder in the Making is a great way to generate conversation about indigenous and non-indigenous relationships in Canada. Here are some of the standard packages we offer for screening the film. If none of these fit your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll work with you to get it shown.

Educational License

Receive a DVD containing the film divided into six episodes. Includes lesson plans, reading lists, and discussion questions.

Rights: Unlimited playback in classroom or personal use by teacher.

Audience Size: 1 – 40

Private Screening License

Receive a DVD for educational use within an organization or network.

Rights: Unlimited playback within an organization

Audience Size: 1-99

Public Screening License

For public screening of film in a theatre.

Rights: One-time public screening of film

Audience Size: 100+

The director may be available for Q&A via Skype after screenings depending on availability. For screening fees, please contact Chris Hsiung at