The many people who made this film possible…


(In Order of Appearance)

Chris Hsiung
Cowboy Smithx
Floyd Smith
Lacy Morin-Desjarlais
Kris Demeanor
Jane O’Connor
Wes Olsen
Dale Walde
Shawn Morton
Deserae Yellow Horn
Jason Plain Eagle
Shawna Goodstriker
Herman Yellow Old Woman
Narcisse Blood
Brent Scout
Keith Aune
Leroy Little Bear
Alvine Mountainhorse


Original Music Composed and Performed by

Kris Demeanor (Acoustic, Vocal)
Diana Kooch (Bass)
Chantal Vitalist (Slide Guitar)
Capucine Onn (Violinist)
Cara Leslie (Vocal)
Anders Hunter (Drumming, Vocal)
Jesse “Patches” Pelletier (Drumming)
Cedric “Biggie” Lightning (Drumming, Flute, Vocal)
Scott Abraham (Drumming, Flute, Vocal)


Producer / Director
Chris Hsiung

Cowboy Smithx

Director of Photography
Danny Cox

Sound Recorder
Keith Rowe
Zackarija May

Music Recording Engineer and Mixer
Zana Corbett

Recording Assistants
Dermott Decottignies
Emily Tatlock
Colton Tuffs
Leke Abiodun

Yuwei Xia

John Barros

Graphic Design
Lyndsay Wasko

Brendon Rathbone

Audio Mixer
Stephen Murdoch

Sound Designer
Dewi Wood

Food Craft
Meela Gunawardena
Lacy Morin-Desjarlais

Writing Consultant
Kris Demeanor

Teresa Travers

Archive Research Assistants
Kamala Parel-Nuttall
Cameron Ansorger
Martina Pavlouskova

Research Consultants
Liam Haggarty
Jennifer Petit
Narcisse Blood


Telus Optik TV

The Calgary Foundation

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts

NFB – Filmmakers Assistance Program

And crowdsourced through Indiegogo

Additional Footage

Elk and Prairie Chicken Video from Shutterstock

Special Thanks to

Access and Support
Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society

Archival Material
Glenbow Museum

Studio Space
Lord Beaverbrook

Fiscal Agent
Canada Bridges

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental
Eric Hsiung

Tribal Nations Map
Aaron Carapella

Writing-on-Stone Petroglyph Photo
Grace Visconti

Oilsands Photo
Sebastian Muller

Mount Royal University
Troy Emery Twigg
Celestine “Our Mom”